About Veertea

Each cup of tea has its own kind of magic, which allows you to relax, take a sit back and enjoy the moment…

We grew up in places, where tea brings people together, allows them to connect, deepen relationships, celebrate together and enjoy the moment…

This is why we have created Veertea – premium tea designed for global HoReCa market – hotels, restaurants and cafes; Made for global gastronomy to offer what we believe is an art in today’s tea world…


Premium tea for HoReCa

Veertea is a carefully selected tea from best plantations in the world. It’s blended by the absolute experts in the industry and already has won millions of fans around the globe.

Veertea is an offer for exclusive hotels, restaurants and places, where quality and customer’s satisfaction come first.

Veertea is a synonym of uniqueness, great taste and modern look and feel for gastronomy.

Quality in your life!

Veertea is a premium tea blended with a passion for people who love the taste of finest tea and who love life!

Each tea bag is made with great attention to the littlest detail and makes indulging experience that awakens all senses and turn each moment to a very special celebration of life.

We have created Veertea, to accompany your guests during relaxation, work, and meetings with friends and loved ones - everywhere where man is important and good taste.

Veertea is the gourmet tea, which can also make a perfect gift for special occasions!

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