Luxurious Breakfast Black Tea

Tea is such a magical product, perhaps even the eighth wonder of the world. - H. Rahman
For more than five hundred years people have gathered together to drink tea and to enjoy its special taste and aroma. 
Its unusual characteristics have made it become one of the most popular beverages in the world.
It makes perfect additiontoanymealaswellastheperfectcomplementtoamomentofrelaxation - nomatterthetimeofday.
Veertea breakfast black tea is a unique composition coming from the heart of Kenya. 
There are perfect conditions for the cultivation of the best tea leaves.
Fertile African soil guarantees the wealth of refreshing strength and citrusy notes in each sip.
Beautiful amber colour and delicate aroma awake all senses.

Each tea bag is packaged in an elegant envelope which keeps your favourite tea fresh,
aromatic and full of flavour. It is a perfect solution for any type of buffet in your hotel,
restaurant or to indulge your customers and colleagues in the office.

Ingredients: black tea blend. Country of origin: Kenya.
Net weight 2 g
How to brew: pour 250 ml of boiling water (100) over the tea bag into your pot or a cup. Brew under the cover for 2-3 minutes.

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