Passionate Green Tea

Green tea is highly appreciated around the world for its unique taste and health benefits. 
In China it is calledone of the wonder sofnature, andinJapan-theelixirofyouth. 

Welike for its gentle and specific herbal flavour and unmistakable aroma. Regular consumption of green tea has positive impact
not only on our health but it also enhances the beauty. The benefits are countless, but the most important is the fact that green tea
gives you great feeling and magically restores the balance between the souls and body…
In order to get the most out of the green tea it is recommended to take special care of the brewing method. 
If you brew it shortly – green tea will remain refreshing and stimulating.
Brewed for longer will become more intensive in flavour and more relaxing.

Each tea bag is packaged in an elegant envelope which keeps your favourite tea fresh,
aromatic and full of flavour. It is a perfect solution for any type of buffet in your hotel,
restaurant or to indulge your customers and colleagues in the office.

green tea blend.
Net weight 1,5 g
Howto brew: pour 250 ml of water (90 ) over the tea bag into your pot or a cup. Brew under the coverfor 2-3 minutes.

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